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@VERTISE is the production house that provides you with nothing less than outstanding films for your platform. Unlike others in the field, we do not differentiate between digital content and classic TV commercial productions. The internet is clearly where the magic happens. Content is at the core of our moving image campaigns. We set out to lift the clients exposure and to manifest them as a brand of the future. 

Production of Original Content


At @VERTISE we believe - vision is key. Calling ever-changing Berlin our creative home, we know what it takes to accel amongst others. We set out to produce the best films possible, wherever, whenever. Nowadays, you have to be more than just striking and entertaining; storytelling is at the core of creating engaging, authentic and relevant films. We supply support from an conceptual stage and our collective production expertise allows us to work different formats: Digital content, TV commercials, web-series, documentary, short and long feature films. Experience productions (XR) are the latest addition to our portfolio of services. @VERTISE is your reliable partner, when it comes to transforming your vision into visual content.

Service Production

We provide expert production services for companies from outside Berlin and abroad.Please feel free to get in touch. We speak German and English.

Teymour Tehrani, the founder of @VERTISE, is an accomplished filmmaker, both in feature film and commercials. In 2008, he had his first encounter with content, directing a pioneering online music show for ITV Yorkshire.


After returning to Germany, Teymour quickly understood that the market was still not considering the digital opportunity to the same extent. He went on and focused on feature film production and commercials, also pursuing a postgraduate production course at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Ludwigsbug, Germany).


Finally in 2015, Teymour became Head of Digital Content in one of Germany's leading commercial film production companies. It turned out that the understanding in this company was to collect the small money that was floating around for digital content. Teymour had to shift his work engagement because he clearly saw the changes in the market and the opportunity to give brands the edge that they needed

to succeed at the virtual frontier. 


Due to his understanding, Teymour worked for brands such as Facebook for Business (USA) and service produced their film work in Germany. It is until today that many companies do not fully understand that content is core and should be the centrepiece to any moving image campaign. This is the reason why Teymour established @VERTISE.

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