Adam Alfray

Adam has trained in the performance arts since the age of 14, including singing, dancing and acting for television. He has appeared in various American television networks including "MTV".

After wanting to express himself creatively through visual mediums such as video and photography, he stepped behind camera and got involved with content creation. He has been professionally trained by video production companies in Dubai, where he soon gained trust to deliver work for brands such as Vogue Arabia, Nike & Puma.

With his finger on the pulse he is able to create videos that represent what is current, along with presenting future trends. He is able to create a world of his own with an experimental and creative approach.

With his video for Vogue Arabia, he gave a platform for three young artists from Saudi Arabia to voice their experience. They speak about gender, being female in Saudi Arabia, and they touch upon what it means to be an artist within the Middle East.

Adam has moved to Berlin to expand on his creative journey as a filmmaker. His constantly searching for the latest movements in youth culture regarding video, photography, fashion and technology.

 TV Commercials . Digital Content . Visual Storytelling 
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