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Director's Biography

Dirk Meister

Dirk is intrigued by the beauty of images and the worlds they create. He is a director with extensive experience in visual effects/post production and fashion photography. This is the unique foundation for his approach to the film making process.

He is also a keen mix between his two major cultural influences: German thoroughness combined with Italian flexibility.

Dirk has a long standing experience as creative director and visual effects supervisor. During his period in leading roles in several top-notch post houses in Milan, Italy a natural transition process begins, getting him more and more involved in directing the post-production projects he manages.

Finally in 2011 he starts to concentrate all his forces on directing and visual creativity.


Dirk’s directing style leads him to create visually strong films which tell stories through expressive actors, meticulously planned environments and oftentimes delicately inserted CGI and post.

Throughout the years he has shot many TVCs and corporate films for acclaimed international brands In Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Dirk has won the Videomaker of the Year award for best corporate film “Alessandro Paglia - Artist” and a Media-Star award for best screen-design for the “Real-Fighter” opening sequence. His epic Ooredoo national day TVC, featuring an action-rich race throughout the country of Qatar was very successful and is well known all over the Middle East.


Through his company Dirk Meister Visual Design in Switzerland he often post-produces his films with an international team he picks for the job.

His vast experience throughout the production and post-pipeline proves to be precious when planning projects creatively as well as technically and greatly helps his decision making and on set.

 TV Commercials . Digital Content . Narrative Storrytelling