Martin Schreier

Martin Schreier was selected as a film directing student at Germanys acclaimed Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. Soon after, his film “The Night Father Christmas Died” won him a Student Academy Award. Martin graduated film school with the full length action feature, "Robin Hood", starring A-lister Ken Duken, who acted alongside an equally established German big screen cast.


Martin transitioned naturally into the film industry and started collaborating with Germanys leading rapper, Cro. They got the cinema feature, “Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt”, off the ground, continuing to work together on an additional music video. The industry was impressed whenStudio Babelsberg announced Martin as

the director on their first cinema feature 

after twenty-five years. 


Martin is the man for larger-then-life imagery. This makes him unique to the German market. Combined with his skill to tell an engaging story in a closed narrative environment, he is able to provide the necessary stages for high value brand products.

 TV Commercials . Digital Content . Visual Storytelling 
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